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Get the 

This section is to explain why you should care.

Numbers of stuff

Your metrics of success 


What awards you have won


The direct outcomes of your input

This are is your chance to explain what you do

A short paragraph giving the overview. You could start it with "in short"

A paragraph that goes in to a bit more detail about the outcomes and benefits of working with you for your customer.  

Use this area to highlight your experience and credibility in your industry. This should realy resonate with your traget client

A Direct call to action

An opportunity to download a special report or info pack.

This downloadable piece of information will be for something that either builds credibility or moves your prospects along your sales process. 

It should help with the choice your customer should take.  The link could be a report or a link to somewhere else. 

How to get your freebie?

Following a proven formula

People like to know about process, we are creatures of habit, so showing the formula (in three steps) is a really great way of getting them bought in.

Step 1

This is the first in your three step plan. Just a sentence

Step 2

This is the second step - remember this is making it easy for your customer

Step 3

This is the third an final step to getting the best outcomes from your service. 

Request a Callback

This area is giving your customers a chance to book a call. 

Use the button to direct to a calendar booking software or if you have the capability and capacity, use it to contact you directly. 

This button links to an online booking or call them now.

See what we do - examples of work.

This subheading is explaining what you have done with similar companies as your targets  

This area is your social proof

A headturning headline

A direct quote from your customers about just how darn good you are 

and more importantly

How you have improved your customers lives.

Just wow and amazement! 

More amazing quotes and comments for happy and grateful customers

Backed up by pictures etc. 

You can use this space for Facebook screen grabs

How it works

This is the subheading about how easy it is!

This is the explaining paragraph. Explain a bit about the process (you could link to a behind the scenes article or video from here).  Make it simple for your customers to understand. 

Simplicity and ease of operation is key.

If something is complicated, re-assure them that you walk them through the process - you make life easy for them. 


This area is the nxt stage of the sales process - when it is finished

This area provides information about timescales, deadlines and roughly when you can expect your service to deliver results. 

If your product is made by you, this time details when they can expect delivery from order time.

If it is a service, then this is the place to explain when your client can expect a return on their investment in you and your services. 


This area is for images and explanations of how you can use what you do! 













A frequently Asked Question

This is to answer the frequently asked question. Things like What do I dow ith, or how do I etc.

The key with this is to be brief and focus on the customer. 

To get more FAQ's just duplicate this elemtn and then edit it.